Water Scams Threaten Fort Worth Residents

Posted on November 12th, 2015

Mary Gugliuzza, the media relations and communications coordinator for the Fort Worth Water Department said they were made aware of the scams after customers called and reported the suspicious behavior. “Customers reported calls from a toll free number saying their water would be shut off within the hour unless they get a payment card and call back with the number to cover the costs,” said Gugliuzza, “ The other reports were of a man and a woman going directly to homes saying they needed to enter the home to test the water.” The website states that the water department does not do either of these things. Gugliuzza said they do not know how much money has been stolen and that the walk up scams took place mainly in the southern part of the city. "We’re trying to make customers aware of what’s going on so that they don’t fall prey to one of these scams,” said Gugliuzza.

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