City Council Adopts Moratorium For Certain Commercial Uses

Posted on June 30th, 2021

Effective on June 15, 2021 and for a period of Ninety (90) days, no application for re-zoning, or a new permit or renewal of a permit for development, new construction, alteration or re-modeling shall be accepted for commercial uses, and no permit shall be issued for development, new construction, alteration, or re-modeling of property for commercial uses being situated along the River Oaks Boulevard corridor, as more particularly defined and depicted in Exhibit “A” and no person or entity may engage in any development, new construction, alteration or re-modeling of real property for commercial uses in that area during such period for the following uses:
(A) cigar or tobacco stores, Section 14(B)(8),
(B) massage establishments, Section 14(B)(32).
(C) public garages for care or repair of automobiles, Section 15(B)(14), which includes body and tire repair shops;
(D) body piercing studios, Section 15(B)(32);
(E) tattoo studios, Section 15(B)(33);and
(F) pawn shops, Section 16(B)(6).
(G) laundromats and washeterias;
(H) automated teller machines not associated with a primary use on the property;
(I) predatory lending businesses, including check cashing businesses, payday advance/loan businesses, and car title loan businesses (excluding state or federally chartered banks, savings and loan associations or credit unions);
(J) retail tire shops; and
(K) retail establishments primarily selling vape or vaping devices

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