Latest Update: Utility Payments

Posted on October 28th, 2023

Regarding the new on-line utility payment system and website at, the issues of seeing your Bill generated online has been resolved. The issue of setting up auto pay and saving payment information has been resolved. Several customers have stated that they are now able to save their payment information and move forward to actually paying their statement, whereas before they were not able to do so. The only issue remaining is to remove the processing fee. Everything on our part is done and we are awaiting the payment specialists at Tyler Technology to remove the customer processing fee and we will be ready to proceed with advertising the Mobile App and Online Payments.

In the meantime, we caution you that currently in making payments, you may be charged the processing fee. To avoid paying the processing fee, please just bear with us a little longer in getting this issue resolved. Should you have any problems please be sure to contact us at 817-626-5421 Extension 338.

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